Battle of the Stairs

By: klikkonthis

Jan 29 2010

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I need your opinion.

The other day I was out without my umbrella when a shower started, so I ducked under an overhang in an alley… and I noticed these curved steps.   I must have walked past them hundreds of times before without seeing them.  Kinda cool.  So, in the spirit of photo of the day, I took a couple pictures.  One looking at the steps facing west, one looking at the curved steps facing east. And then, oddly, when I showed them to my husband, he clearly preferred the photo taken from one direction, I favored the one taken in the other.

But why?

The photos, except for the angle, are almost identical.  Since it was a rainy, overcast day there’s no huge difference in the shadows… but I clearly prefer one photo.  My husband the other.

I have a pretty ridiculous theory, but I’m not going to share it.  I’m really curious to hear what you think.   Which do you like, and why?

So, comment whenever you see the pictures; I’ve got no end-date agenda.   If/when comments come in, I’ll add my theory too.

Note: Later today, I’ll post  larger versions of the picture, first one, then the other.   After that, you’ll be able to  look at “archive” and get a side by side overview.


19 comments on “Battle of the Stairs”

  1. I like the one on the right. Maybe because you can see more of the design in the brickwork at the foot of the stairs. Not really sure. In any event, it’s just where my eye went.

    Enjoying the blog. Hope you keep it up!

    • hmmmm…. interesting…. I can’t give away yet which one I like and which one you-know-who likes. I’m also curious to see if people’s opinions will change once they get a chance to see the larger photos.

  2. Right hand side because you can see the circle of brickwork in the bottom right corner and it is slightly sharper.

  3. Is it because your husband is more awesome?

  4. I really like them both~together. My eye did tend to go to the right one. Wonder if you would get the same reaction if you switched them. Great experiment!

    • I thought about that too. I wondered if by posting them in this order, it would unintentionally skew people’s impressions. In about an hour or so, I’m going to post a larger version of just one of the photos, and then later tonight, post the other one. I’m curious to see if that changes opinions.

  5. The one on the right makes the one on the left seem positively boring. I mean no disrespect, but anyone who prefers the one on the left is crazy, blind or both. No disrespect…

  6. Since people seem to favor the right one I am drawn to, and captivated by the left. Though if I had to vote I’d do a write in ballot for the beautiful vertical stripe between the photos.

  7. I prefer the right…the subtle circular pattern in the stone on the sidewalk, in contrast to the dark lines of the stairs themselves. The one on the left just seems lacking…blah…but nice work. I’m enjoying your photos! 🙂

  8. I prefer the one on the left. Not sure why. But my favorite is seeing the two of them together.

    • Actually, I agree with the “seeing them together” idea. I think, accidentally, the sum is greater than the whole, (as they say — although I think I’m either using it backwards or iust plain wrongly.) In any case… I’m thinking of creating a new photo by photo-stitching the two together, to see what it looks like. Just for fun. Could be a kind of cool wallpaper maybe…

  9. Have you downloaded Autostitch for you iPhone? My husband loves it. I downloaded it and keep forgetting to use it.

  10. That’s exactly the program I was thinking of. I haven’t downloaded it yet, but had read about it. I’ll let you know if I do/if it works.

  11. I like the right one better, but then I’m right-handed and from Venus.

    • I really like the thought people are putting into this, and the reasons. You’re not the first person to mention being right, or left-handed, which I think is a really interesting idea. Does our handedness make us favor a view? Who knows! But it’s as good an explanation as “sharpness of the photo” or details of lines and things like that.

  12. I like the one on the right and am very curious which the two of you prefer. (sis in cols)

    • Now I’ve lost track! I’ve moved those pictures around so much, I’m going to have to go back and take a look! Right now, I *think* that the one you chose, is the one most people are choosing…

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