Twilight in Hollywood

By: klikkonthis

Jan 24 2010

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Twilight in Hollywood

Okay, technically not a photo of the day.  It’s a photo of several months ago.   Sunset Blvd, at twilight.   But, as I get this photo blog up and running, I’ll probably be posting some older photos as I figure out how I want this space to look.

And, although I’m a writer, this blog is not about writing.  It’s about photos. Good ones, bad ones, stupid ones… I love capturing odd or ephemeral moments.  It started when one day, while I was out for a walk.   I saw this amazing little leaf fall into the middle of the road and land  poised on its curled points like they were feet, two more of its points perfectly angled like arms, the fifth point and stem bent like a face tilting back from a headwind .   It looked for all the world like a little man out for a run.  Or like a frantic comic book pedestrian, trying desperately to get out of the way of that car that was bearing down on it…   look out!

It was a moment in time, and then it was gone.  The wind of the passing car blew it up in the air, and when it landed, it was just a leaf again.  I wished I’d had a camera to capture that brief, funny story.   Since then, although I still don’t carry a camera, I keep my iphone handy for those serendipitous moments.

Yes, an iphone.  I love its inadequate little camera.  Bad lighting, sun flares, crappy focus, no zoom, bad resolution… but I’ve discovered the fun of working with, around, and through those problems.  it’s taught me something about photography.

Okay, it’s probably taught me nothing.

Except, that it’s sometimes fun, sometimes surprising and sometimes frustrating, sometimes useless — but occasionally it sometimes help create a photo that’s something more than what you saw though the viewfinder.   Whatever else these photos are, they are of the moment, through technology of the moment.

So, I hope you enjoy them.   But even if you don’t, I’ve enjoyed taking them.

Feel free to comment, or ask questions.  Or just ignore.


One comment on “Twilight in Hollywood”

  1. Feel free to comment? Ok, as long as there’s no charge: I like your writing on this blog post. You have potential! Keep on blogging in this free world.

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